Porto Novo: Requalification of the Curraletes area ready in time for the music festival in August

21/02/24 12:55

Porto Novo, 21 Feb (Inforpress) – The city council of Porto Novo estimated completion of the works
on the second phase of requalification of the Curraletes bathing area, three kilometers from the city
of Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, for next summer.

With this, this seaside resort will be ready in time to host, in August, the 2024 edition of the
Curraletes music festival, which will mark the 62nd anniversary of the creation of the municipality of
Porto Novo and which is among the main cultural events on the island of Santo Antão.

“This summer, we will provide Porto Novo residents with a more requalified and more attractive
bathing area for their leisure time”, confirmed councilor Valter Silva, who is responsible for local
economic development.

The work on the second phase of the rehabilitation of the Curraletes bathing area has actually
begun, with an investment of 34,000 escudos, financed by the tourism fund.



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