Son of Cape Verdeans in London wants to promote tourism in Cabo Verde and connect the diaspora with its roots

07/03/24 08:47

Lisbon, Mar 7 (Inforpress) - Osvaldo Borges is the son of Cape Verdeans and lives in London, England. He wants to promote tourism and connect the Cape Verdean diaspora with its roots, through the cultural richness of Cabo Verde and the hospitality of the Cape Verdean people.

Speaking to Inforpress in Lisbon, Osvaldo Borges said that his parents emigrated from Portugal to England in search of better opportunities, which meant that he grew up between two cultures, "absorbing the traditions and stories of Cabo Verde while adapting to life in England".

He explained that over the years he had always nurtured a "deep love" for his homeland and a passion to share the beauty and cultural richness of Cabo Verde with the world, so while working as a marketing professional in England, he was thinking of ways to promote tourism in Cape Verde and connect Cape Verdeans in the diaspora with their roots.

With this idea in mind, he recently founded 'Krioula Experience' in January, the first Cape Verdean tour operator, inspired by the cultural richness and hospitality of the Cape Verdean people.



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