Women still need to know about their rights and duties and more knowledge of how to claim them" - OMCV delegate

07/03/24 02:26

Mindelo, Mar 6 (Inforpress) - The delegate of the Cabo Verde Women's Organization (OMCV) in São Vicente said Wednesday that women, especially those living on the outskirts, still need to know more about their rights and duties in order to be able to claim them.

Fátima Balbina was speaking to Inforpress about the month of March dedicated to women and also the month that marks the creation of the OMCV, which this year will be 43 years since it began.

According to the OMCV delegate, women on the periphery are "strong and suffering" because they face various difficulties, such as: access to water, sanitation and electricity, and sometimes housing without conditions for survival, but they are also women who struggle to raise and give their children a different education to the one they received.

“But she still needs to know about her rights and duties and more knowledge about where to claim her own rights and duties,” she noted.



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