World Turtle Day: Porto Novo invests one million escudos in the conservation of the endangered species

Porto Novo, May 25 (Inforpress) – Associations linked to the preservation of sea turtles in the municipality of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, will make available one million escudos for the protection of this endangered species.

This amount is included in the budget of the City Hall of Porto Novo for 2020, a year in which investments of almost 18 million escudos are foreseen in the environmental sector in this municipality, of which the conservation of sea turtles stands out.

The conservation of sea turtles in Porto Novo has been a concern to local fishermen’s association and the Vitó Project, which, since 2011, has been acting in the defense and preservation of this species, in this municipality.

Porto Novo, where, every year there have been during the spawning period, which starts on June 1st, campaigns for protection of this species, registered, in the last two years, about 300 sea turtle nests.



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