World Oceans Day: Government wants maritime waters as “one of the most important contributors” to wealth creation

Mindelo, Jun 8 (Inforpress) – The Government, through the Ministry of Maritime Economy, is betting on the implementation of policies to transform national maritime waters into “one of the most important contributors” to the wealth creation in the country.

In a message to greet World Oceans Day, which is observed today, the Minister of Maritime Economy, Paulo Veiga, told that the bet will be made through the “responsible use” of living and non-living resources, providing the creation of job bets and business opportunity, inspired by the functioning and preservation of the life cycle in ecosystems.

Hence the urgency, according to the same source, of creating “strategic and sustainable” maritime economy policies capable of relaunching the prosperity of those who depend on the oceans, and who count on “all the Government’s engagement”, since they are based on entrepreneurship projects.

In addition, the official recalled, Cabo Verde is 99 percent (%) of oceans, which makes sustainable management of marine resources “essential”, not only to safeguard the present, but also to guarantee the sustainability of renewable marine resources, for the benefit of future generations.



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