WebLab training starts with more than four thousand students distributed in 43 laboratories in the high schools 

Praia, Oct 29 (Inforpress) – About four thousand students are participating today in the WebLab training, which aims to awaken in students the “empowering skills” of the labor market and promote the adoption of ICT in schools.

According to the NOSI education projects manager, Luísa Chantre, the courses are modular and each module consists of 15 lessons, lasting one hour and 30 minutes and in each class a challenge is launched that the student must solve in 60 minutes.

“They are modular training for students, teachers, public officials and the general public and they will have to pay a token amount”, she said, adding that for students the training will be entirely free and they will only have to bring batteries to power the robots.

In addition to the robotic aspect, the training, according to the same source, includes areas of multimedia, maintenance and repair of mobile phones, having underlined that in this first quarter of the school year will be offered courses in Robotics, Instrumentation and in HTML / CSS.



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