Waterproofing the Banca Furada dam is costly but infiltrated water can be used – pedologist

Praia, Oct 8 (Inforpress) – Pedologist Jorge Brito argues that waterproofing the Banca Furada dam, in São Nicolau, could be a “very expensive process” and the infiltrated water will probably feed groundwater, which could be harnessed downstream through boreholes.

In an interview with Inforpress, that researcher said he doubts whether it is worth spending “much more money” on the referred hydraulic infrastructure.

“I am not seeing a waterproofing at reasonable prices, capable of solving the problem”, he said, pointing to cementation as a probable alternative, in addition to other techniques, namely the placement of salt, similar to what happens in some other parts of the world, but, he stressed, this “should not be good for agriculture”.

Expressing some reservations about pronouncing himself on the Banca Furada dam issue, as he is a specialist in soil and not in the subsoil, Jorge Brito was saying that waterproofing the hydraulic infrastructure does not seem very easy because the “water pressure is so large enough that the waterproofing does not resist ”.

In his opinion, the question of that dam is not all bad, because “the water does not disappear by magic”.


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