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Water shortages and high energy costs dictated the closing of the borehole in Nossa Senhora da Luz – Agua de Rega

Praia, Nov 26 (Inforpress) – The president of the Água de Rega company, Jaime Ferreira, said today that the lack of water and high energy costs dictated the closing of the PT06 borehole in the Nossa Senhora da Luz parish, São Domingos.

In conversation with Inforpress following the news reporting the protest against the closing of this borehole, held today by a group of 16 farmers from Ribeira de Achada Baleia – Cancelo, Jaime Ferreira explained that the issue of sustainability was the basis of the decision.

“We were working on the borehole and concluded that the borehole was not producing water. It took about one to two tons of water per hour with a very high cost of energy and to reach the farmers’ land already instead of two tons comes only one”, he said, indicating that the cost of energy is more than double the value of the bill.

“The borehole has produced 274 liters per hour at a cost of 12.000 escudos and billing of 6.000 escudos per month,” said Jaime Ferreira, who said that technical work indicated that it went bankrupt due to overexploitation, so with energy costs the company could not maintain it.



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