WASAG Forum: Cabo Verde hopes to attract more cooperation and investment for agriculture

Praia, Feb 7 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Agriculture and Environment said this Tuesday that the Government hopes, with the hosting of the II WASAG forum to discuss the problem of water scarcity, to attract more cooperation and investment for agriculture in Cabo Verde.

Gilberto Silva pointed out that the forum, which is taking place for the second time at Praia, is a space of excellence for the exchange of experiences, technical and scientific knowledge around everything that has to do with the scarcity of water in agriculture in Cabo Verde and with the management of this problem that becomes global in the world.

“Therefore, we hope to gain more experiences, share ours and, above all, establish good cooperation with other countries and put Cape Verde on the agenda of this issue. And when I say putting it on the agenda, I mean continuing to lead this process together with our partners”, he said.

Gilberto Silva also hopes to contribute with the results of this forum, whose motto is “making agriculture resilient to climate change” for the United Nations conference on water, which will take place this year in New York, and to make this issue of water scarcity water for agriculture a strong theme.



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