Visa facilitation agreement between Cabo Verde and the European Union enters into force on July 1st

Praia, May 6 (Inforpress) – The visa facilitation agreement between Cabo Verde and the European Union comes into force on July 1st, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration said on Thursday.

According to a statement released today by this Ministry, this new agreement, after the necessary internal procedures have been completed both in the European Union and in Cabo Verde, will enter into force on July 1st this year.

“This new agreement contains provisions that significantly facilitate the mobility of Cabo Verdeans within the European Union territory, with emphasis on the reduction of fees paid for the processing of visa applications, the extension of categories of persons receiving multiple-entry visas, simplification of procedures and evidence to be submitted”, explains the same source.

Similarly, the statement adds, it will make it possible to create a mechanism to determine the validity of multiple entry visas, and a clause suspending the agreement or parts of it for reasons related to the lack of cooperation in the field of readmission. The amendment agreement will make it even easier to issue short-stay visas to Cabo Verdeans (up to 90 days in any 180-day period).

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