Vessels seized with illegal fish will be responsible for “serious to very serious infringements” – Inspector

Mindelo, Apr 26 (Inforpress) – Fisheries Inspector General Maísa Rocheteau assured in Mindelo that the two vessels seized in the Fogo with about three tons of fish caught “illegally” will be responsible for “serious and very serious infringements”.

According to the same source, who was speaking today at a press conference in Mindelo, the procedings applied to the two vessels, one semi-industrial and the other one artisanal fishing, seized on April 21, on the East Coast of the island of Fogo, in a joint action with the Maritime Police with three tons of fish results from “several infringements”.

Maísa Rocheteau listed, among them, the use of unlicensed or prohibited fishing gear, in particular gillnets and diving bottles, to which none of the vessels was licensed to use.

On the other hand, according to the same source, the two boats from Santiago Island fished in a bay, “where any type of fishing net is prohibited, whether gill, fencing, because it is a spawning area of species”.



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