Vera Duarte enthusiastically welcomes new voices appearing in Cabo Verdean literature

Praia, Aug 13 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean writer Vera Duarte said today that she sees with “great joy and reverence” the renewal of Cabo Verdean literature, that is, the new voices are emerging in Cabo Verdean literature.

The author of the latest book, “Cabo Verde: Um Roteiro Sentimental, viajando pelas Ilhas da Sodad, do Sol e da Morabeza” published in July, in partnership with her niece Susana Duarte, a young diaspora from communication specialist, spoke in an interview to Inforpress on the occasion of International Youth Day.

Vera Duarte, who made her debut in literature in 1993 with the poem book “Amanhã Amadrugada” and received the Sonangol Prize for Literature for her first novel, “A Candidata (2003)”, praised the fact that today every time younger people are going into this area, especially women.

“I warmly welcome all the new voices that have been appearing in Cabo Verdean literature, because I believe each one brings enrichment to this building that we really want to be a building that gives a lot of prestige to our country”, she praised.



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