USA: Candidate for Pawtucket City Hall promises to help Cabo Verdean community to overcome pandemic effects

Praia, Jun 29 (Inforpress) – Candidate for Pawtucket City Hall, David Norton, who he considers to be a “friend of the Cabo Verdean community”, promised, if elected, to help it overcome the effects of COVID-19 pandemic and accelerate social and cultural change.

This position was expressed by David Norton, an army veteran, on the sidelines of his candidacy presentation for mayor of Pawtucket, in Rhode Island, USA, having considered that the referred city faces enormous social and economic challenges.

If elected, this former English teacher and small business owner proposes to end discriminatory hiring practices, stating that with his connection and understanding of the Cabo Verdean community and the special language skills of most Cabo Verdeans living in Pawtucket, he foresee accelerating the linguistic and racial diversity of the city’s workforce.

“I often feel that I relate more to the immigrant community in terms of worldview and life experience. I have a special love for the Cabo Verdean community in Pawtucket, having served on the Cabo Verdean American Community Development Board of Rhode Island for the past three years,” he said.



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