University students urge Portuguese embassy to respond to visa applications

Praia, Jan 19 (Inforpress) – A group of university students, with the purpose of continuing their studies in Portugal, demonstrated, Tuesday, in Praia, next to the Portuguese embassy, urging this diplomatic representation to give a response to visa applications.

Speaking to Inforpress, Wilson Semedo, representing the students, stated that the embassy is taking too much time in responding to students’ visa applications, as they have been waiting for a response to the visa application for almost four months and nothing, that is, no justification from the Portuguese embassy.

The student also stated that all documents have already been issued, and they are all enrolled in universities in Portugal, even with the payment of tuition fees.

He justified that the classes are already very advanced, and, therefore, they are “very late”, so this delay and the uncertainty as to whether or not visas will be granted are causing concern to all students, because they are adrift, without knowing anything.



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