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United Nations will finance requalification of the Fogo / Brava Office and installation of a laboratory

São Filipe, Feb 2 (Inforpress) – The joint United Nations system office in Cabo Verde should finance the requalification of the Fogo / Brava Office and create the conditions for the installation of a laboratory for analysis and certification of products in the region.

This possibility was analyzed during the visit the head of the United Nations system joint office, Steven Ursino, made to the premises of the Fogo / Brava Office.

The intervention, as he explained, is part of a project this institution has with all the municipalities, known as the platform program for local development, noting that it initially had a regional development project, but later it was concluded it would be better carry out a project with a “greater impact” in the region.

“We will develop, in this context, the requalification of the Fogo / Brava Office and create conditions for a laboratory to be installed in this space to cover all the municipalities in the region to increase the quality and production of cheese, wine among others, and, having an institution that certifies local production and expanding the image and brand of local production, both nationally and internationally”, he said.



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