Uni-CV welcomes in February Forum on “Climate / Variability and Climate Change – Impacts on the Economy in CPLP and in Africa”

Praia, Feb 6 (Inforpress) – The University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) will be the stage from February 26 to 28, of a forum entitled “Climate / Variability and Climate Change – Impacts on the Economy in CPLP and in Africa”, to be promoted by CIICLAA.

The forum, to be organized in two panels, one for the presentation of scientific papers and the second one for the area of ​​cooperation and funding strategies, has the objective, according to university sources, to make the state of the art situation on climate and climate change in the CPLP and Africa through the presentation of ongoing projects or experiences that address the strategies followed and the results achieved.

It is also the intention of the forum organizers to hold a roundtable to discuss the appropriate strategies for mobilizing financing needed for projects relating to climate / variability / climate change, mitigation and adaptation measures with sustainable development and, in particular, water, oceans, environment, transportation, health, industry, engineering, agriculture / food security and natural disasters.

The promoters of the event also intend to include in the debate the establishment of a special line of support for Climate Research to be coordinated by CIICLAA, to bring together CPLP experts, technicians, researchers and teachers in the area of ​​meteorology, climate, water resources, oceanography, health, alternative energy, agriculture and forestry, hydrography, engineering and others to jointly promote applied research and put the results at the service of society and the productive sector.



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