Uni-CV promotes webinar on the challenges of the job market in Cabo Verde

Praia, Sep 20 (Inforpress) – The University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) is holding a webinar on Tuesday 26 entitled “Labour market and challenges for young graduates”, with the aim of updating data on the labour market in the country.

According to an informative note from the aforementioned university, the event is organized through the Francophone Employability Center of Praia (CEF-Praia) at Uni-CV, with the same source stating that the global context has been marked by uncertainties exacerbated by health crises and geopolitics.

“Young people who complete their university studies are faced with the complexity of entering the job market. This reality has led governments, public entities and higher education institutions to look for innovative strategies that enhance the qualifications and employability of these young people”, it highlighted.

During the webinar, the note reads, topics such as employment statistics, employability trends in Cabo Verde and companies’ expectations regarding new professionals and the role of public policies and universities in creating solutions that promote employability will be covered.



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