“Ucranian Writings” new literary work by Jorge Carlos Fonseca is launched on June 10 in Sal

Praia, May 30 (Inforpress) – “Ukrainian Writings” is the title of the new literary work by the writer and former President of the Republic Jorge Carlos Fonseca, whose launch is scheduled for June 10, Sal Island, during the “Festival of World Literature”.

In conversation with Inforpress, Jorge Carlos Fonseca explained that the idea of writing a book about Ukraine came up days after the Russian invasion, during a lunch with friends in Boca de Coruja, on the island of Santo Antão, in which the subject was the dominant topic of conversation.

Despite this motivation and the name of the work “Ukrainian Writings”, Jorge Carlos Fonseca warns that the book is not a political manifesto, but a literary work.

“It is a book of literature. Therefore, it is a book that contains poetry, poetic prose, literary chronicles, a mixture of chronicle and diary. Basically, the dominant environment is poetic writing. Now, of course, the starting point, the background motivation was the Russian invasion to Ukraine,” he said.



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