UCID accuses the Government of adopting measures to combat poverty “as expedients” to “take political dividends”

Praia, Feb 28 (Inforpress) – The president of UCID, João Santos Luís, accused the Government of implementing measures to combat poverty “as expedients” with the main objective of “taking political dividends and promoting welfare” in Cabo Verde.

The deputy from the Independent and Democratic Cabo Verdean Union (UCID, opposition) made these accusations during his intervention in this month’s parliamentary debate on the National Strategy for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty 2022-2026 in Cape Verde, a topic that was proposed by the group parliamentarian of the Movement for Democracy (MPD, power).

He considered that the eradication of poverty is a national plan and that poverty assumes different causes depending on the social group, whether of structural or conjunctural origin.

“In the case of Cape Verde, the primary cause of poverty is amplified through the poor distribution of national wealth and lack of opportunities arising from the inability of the Government system installed to design and implement adequate economic policies for the country to create sufficient resilience and consequently reduce external dependency”, he pointed out.



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