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Troia Operation: Court orders release of three detainees

Praia, Jul 8 (Inforpress) – Praia City court ordered the release of three of the 10 individuals arrested by the Judiciary Police within the Troia Operation framework, which was unleashed on Wednesday in the neighborhood of Eugénio Lima, six of them were remained in custody and one under TIR.

According to information provided to Inforpress by a judicial source, six of the detainees were held in custody on charges of drug trafficking, the one who was left under the Statement of Identity and Residence (TIR) is being charged with a weapons crime. The rest, two men and one woman, were released without charge.

Contacted by Inforpress, the lawyer of one of the detainees whose court ordered him released, Diamantino Martins, was satisfied with this decision, since, as he said, his client “has nothing to do with” the case.

In this operation that counted on the reinforcement of the Armed Forces, 11,878 kilos of cocaine were seized, values ​​in money representing a total of 16,137,684 escudos.



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