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Trial of lawyer Amadeu Oliveira suspended to be resumed on Thursday

Praia, Feb 24 (Inforpress) – The trial of lawyer Amadeu Oliveira was resumed this afternoon in Praia court and suspended until Thursday, since the second day and its fourth session the deadlock persists in procedural terms as to the conduct of the trial.

Accused of 14 crimes of offense and injury against the judges from the Supreme Court of Justice, Benfeito Mosso Ramos and Fatima Coronel, the defence lawyers of Amadeu Oliveira and Judge Ivanilda Varela do not understand each other, since the defendant insists that the Judge does not have jurisdiction to proceed with his trial.

Before an appeal of the defense to the Court of Appeal of Sotavento, in which calls into question the legality of Judge Ivanilda Varela to proceed with the trial, expulsion from the hearing room and order of abandonment of defence lawyers, the defence lawyers of Amadeu Oliveira requested time to analyze the process.

Marked by some contraction in the face of charges between the judge and defence lawyers of Amadeu Oliveira, the Court decided to suspend the work until Thursday, with the lawyers appointed by the defendant, since the defence lawyers intends to reserve this Wednesday for consultation of the case.



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