Trail: Jessara Santos wins “Foz Côa Douro Trial Adventure 23 ´´ in the 13 kilometers

Praia, Mar 12 (Inforpress) – The athlete Jessara Santos of Emicela Team Cabo Verde added her name to the list of winners of the “Foz Côa Douro Trial Adventure’23”, by triumphing in the women’s 13 kilometers race with a timing of 01:30:47.

With this victory, Emicela Team Cabo Verde adds three victories in the 2013 edition of the “Foz Côa Douro Trial Adventure’23”, since Valter Araújo and Mily Brito were also winners of the 45 and 26 kilometers races, respectively, held in this region of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in Portugal.

Valter Araújo won the men’s 45 kilometers race, with a timing of 04 hours, 19 minutes and 11, while Mily Brito, an athlete also from São Nicolau, representing Emicela Team Cabo Verde, claimed the title by crossing the finish line in 01 hours and 08 minutes.

The other Creole athlete in this race, Eliseu Fortes, finished the 26 kilometer journey in fifth place. In turn, the athlete Edéna Lima was positioned in fifth place in the women’s 26 kilometers, 03:17:18, a race that was won by the Portuguese Gisela Sousa with two hours and 51 minutes, followed by Sílvia Santos (02:56) and Margarida Sousa (03:01).



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