Tourist office reaffirms “commitment” to promote Santo Antão as a “reference” for the nature segment

Porto Novo, Jan 4, 2023 (Inforpress) – The promotion of Santo Antão as “a reference” in terms of nature tourism continues to be the purpose of the Porto Novo tourism office, which also highlights the role of tourist guides in this regard.

“We reaffirm, on a daily basis, our commitment promoting what is our essence. We want more people to know our territory, to consume our local products, to know our culture and traditions. We want to continue to promote Santo Antão as a reference”, underlined the tourism office, through a note.

This service, which has been “an obligatory stopping point” for visitors arriving to Santo Antão, also highlights the presence, practically, every day of tourists on this island for the practice of trekking (hiking on trails) but also to get to know the culture and the people of this island.

Santo Antão is experiencing, at this time, the high season for tourism, which started in October and runs until May, with “thousands” of tourists visiting almost every day, mainly from northern Europe.



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