Third dose of the vaccine increases by 87% the responsiveness to COVID-19 – Minister of Health

Praia, Jan 10 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Health considers that the third dose of the vaccine is “fundamental” because it increases the responsiveness to COVID-19 by 87%, and in this sense called for people to join the vaccination plan.

According to Arlindo do Rosário, the vaccination rate with the first national dose is 84.9%, the country reached the target of 71% of the vaccinated population, adding that at the level of adolescents the data indicate that 46.5% of them have already received the first dose of the vaccine at the country level.

“This rate of vaccination of adolescents will certainly increase in the coming days with the reopening of classes and I believe that soon we will have a much higher vaccination rate for adolescents,” the minister said during a meeting of the Prime Minister with the living forces in North Santiago region, held Saturday in Assomada, Santa Catarina,  vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

However, he was “concerned” about the low level of vaccination of adolescents in North Santiago, adding that the data indicate that in the Northern region of the island, the vaccination rate of adolescents is lower compared to the national level.



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