There is no hurry or emergency for the Constitutional Review – President of the Republic

Praia, May 30 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic and supreme commander of the Armed Forces (FA) considered Monday that “there is no hurry or emergency” for the 1992 Constitutional revision, but if exists it should be clarified all doubts and reservations existing.
During a visit to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Jorge Carlos Fonseca considered important that in a constitutional state all citizens have a notion of the Constitution and some notion of constitutional political history of the country.
He made it clear that the Constitution allows FAs to join forces, including those of internal security, under the command of the police forces for internal security operations, but considers that this position would be clarified in a forthcoming revision to meet the new requirements.
He recalled that Cabo Verde had already had two Constitutions and that the 1992 Constitution appears as Cabo Verde’s second, after 1980, arguing that the one in force constituted a constitutional rupture with the first in material terms, although it appeared in a constitutional reform process.

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