The case “Amadeu Oliveira”: UCID intransigent in defense of the Constitution and against “constitutional customs”

Praia, Mar 9 (Inforpress) – The parliamentarians of the Independent and Democratic Cabo Verdean Union went this Thursday to express to the President of the Republic the seriousness of “the constitutional customs being accepted in the Constitutional Court, to derogate the constitutional command”, for considering this admission in the judgment “scary”.

António Monteiro, deputy of the UCID, revealed this concern to the press at the end of the visit to José Maria Neves. He had the purpose of taking the “problem of the judgment of the Constitutional Court that did not grant constitutional approval to the request of the 15 deputies” in the case withdrawn from the parliamentary immunity to Deputy Amadeu Oliveira.

On the pretext “the constitutional norm invoked in the judgment of the Constitutional Court not to grant this appeal”, António Monteiro said that he “respects the judgment”, but understands that as a representative of the Nation he must do everything to “prevent the Constitution from being altered”.

In this perspective, he said that some caution is needed in order to analyze the judgment so that Cape Verde, as a Republic, facing republican ethics, does not fall into situations that could endanger the Constitution itself.



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