Teachers with Masters complain of “injustice” by Ministry of Education in reclassification

Praia, Jan 3 (Inforpress) – A group of teachers with a master’s degree completed in 2015 complained on Thursday of the “injustice” that they were targeted by the Ministry of Education when they saw their names removed from the reclassified list in December 2019.

Speaking to the press, after an attempt to clear the conference called by the group of teachers affiliated with the Democratic Teachers Union (SINDPROF), Norberto Tavares said that the statute of teaching staff calls for the reclassification of teachers who finish new training by 31 December, 2015.

in accordance with what is stipulated, the teachers’ spokesman, who call themselves victim of injustice, stressed that an awareness-raising work was done with the ministry, and the group received a response that the process would be evaluated according to the Career Staff Statute.

“We received a positive feedback on the process, which was later reconfirmed by the minister on TCV’s ‘A Entrevista’ program and heard throughout Cabo Verde when she said she would make the reclassification of all teachers who achieved new academic degrees by December 31,” he said.

The “big surprise”, according to Norberto Tavares, was that upon publication in the Official Bulletin, the group realized that teachers who obtained masters and doctorates in the indicated year were not included in the published list.



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