TC refuses to rule on ICIEG’s request on candidacies that did not respect the Parity Law

Praia, Oct 15 (Inforpress) – The Constitutional Court dismisses the ICIEG president’s request on candidacies did not respect the Parity Law, alleging that it would address the matter if it were “brought by an entity with legitimacy to file an appeal”.

A press note, signed by the secretary of the Constitutional Court (TC), João Borges, clarifies that, like any judicial body, “the Constitutional Court only pronounces on legal matters within its competence, assuming, in the matter of submitting candidacies, be asked by an entity with legitimacy to file an appeal ”.

The TC explains that “it could never, on its own initiative, control the candidacies filed in all the counties of the country, calling for itself, and apart from any appeal, the cases within the jurisdiction of other courts”, which, according to this higher court would be “unconstitutional and illegal, namely for violation of the principle of the independence of the courts provided for in article 211 of the Constitution and the speedy nature of the electoral process”.

According to the same source, there is still the fact that it is “humanly impossible if we consider the maximum period of 72 hours the Constitutional Court has to decide any electoral appeal of this kind”.



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