Tarrafal de Santiago: Festival of music and Eucharist mark the feast of São José in Trás-os-Montes

Tarrafal, Mar 17(Inforpress) – The feast of São José, patron saint of Trás-os-Montes and surroundings, in the Municipality of Tarrafal (Santiago), which is celebrated on March 19, is marked with a  festival of music, scheduled for today, and with solemn mass.

The eucharist and procession in honor of the patron saint of this location known nationally and internationally for its handicrafts and pottery are the “Hight point” of the solemnity that the Catholic Church dedicates to the figure of the “earthly father” of Jesus Christ and husband of Mary.

However, the  festival of music, starting tonight at 10 pm, is one of the main milestones of the programme.

The poster for “Festival São José 2023”, organized by a young entrepreneur, and which has the support of the Municipality of Tarrafal, includes artists such as Fidjus de Code di Dona, DjyP Inkomparavel, batucadeiras Raiz de Tarrafal and Delta Ramantxadas, Mito Kaskas, PCA, KD Montanha, ATL, Rapaz de Safende, Rising Nha Rubera, Programados, Wessa and SOS Mucci.



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