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TACV has been sold for more than1 billion escudos, states the leader of the MpD parliamentary group

Praia, Jul 30 (Inforpress) – The MpD (ruling party) workbench leader revealed that TACV were sold for “more than one billion escudos” and the Government “profited three billion escudos in real estate” that belonged to the national airline.

“Following the privatization of TACV, the Government profited three billion escudos in real estate,” said the president of the Movement for Democracy parliamentary group, a party that supports the Government in Parliament.

Joana Rosa made these revelations Wednesday following the statements by the African Independence Party (PAICV-opposition party) that the TACVs “were sold for 48 million escudos” and the country has not yet received the referred amount.

For the MpD workbench leader, PAICV MPs were “doing theater and talking for nothing” about the privatization of the national airline. “Has the country already received the 48 million escudos from the sale of TACV?” Asked the MP of the largest opposition party Julião Varela, but he did not receive an answer.



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