Swimming: Érica Soares fulfills the trajectory Quebra Canela (Praia) – Cidade Velha in six and a half hours

Praia, Sep 2 (Inforpress) – The young Cabo Verdean international swimmer Érica Soares completed Sunday, in a time of about six and a half hours, the open sea route from Quebra Canela (Praia) to Cidade Velha (12 kilometers) ), and promises to surprise, perhaps, with 25Km.

It was around 7:30, when this 18-year-old athlete from Tarrafal, Santiago, started this journey, an unprecedented course in the history of the sport in Cabo Verde, accompanied by doctor Zé da Rosa, swimmer Emanuel Charles d’Oliveira “Monaia”, by surfer Adilson Silva, and three vessels from the Maritime Police and Marines.

When the clock struck 1:57 PM, Erica Soares arrived at the port of Cidade Velha, Ribeira Grande de Santiago, where she was greeted by a large human frame to the sound of batuco, improvised by the batucadeiras present, and a loud applause. Érica Soares was assisted by the doctor and a nurse who measured her blood pressure, pulse and hydration, ensuring that she was in “perfect condition”.

Speaking to the press after the recovery, this young swimmer said she was speechless for having achieved this unprecedented feat in the country after a month of preparation.



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