Stock Exchange mobilizes 25 billion escudos in capital markets in 2021

Praia, Jan 7 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verde Stock Exchange mobilized 25 billion escudos in capital markets during 2021, “amount never before seen in the country”, with a variation of 10 million in absolute terms, 68% compared to 2020.

Alongside the primary market, the secondary market, which houses investor-to-investor bond transactions, was more dynamic in 2021, when around 120 buy-and-sell transactions were carried out after a positive change of 27 percent (percent), compared to the average of the last four years.

The overall amount of turnover in the secondary market amounted to about 932 million escudos, after a change of about 55% compared to the average of the last four years, exceeding 14 times that of 2020.

The data were revealed this morning at a press conference by the chairman of the board of directors (PCA) of the Cabo Verde Stock Exchange, Miguel Monteiro, who praised the fact that issuers saw the capital market as an alternative to finance their projects, especially the UNDP which saw BV as a strategic partner in the development of Cabo Verde.



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