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State Secretary for Agrarian Economy “pleased” with the pace of agricultural campaign in São Domingos

Praia, Sep 6 (Inforpress) – The Secretary of State for Agrarian Economy, Miguel Ângelo da Moura, was pleased today with the pace of the agricultural campaign in the municipality of São Domingos despite the lack of labour for the agricultural industry.

This ruler made these remarks in statements to Inforpress, on the sidelines of his visit today to the municipality of São Domingos to check ‘on site’ the progress of the agricultural campaign 2021-2022.

“So far, the evaluation of the campaign has been positive because to all the outbreaks which emerged we gave the fight in due time, just remember that last year we had very strong pests and this year, due to the effect of the treatment was done last year, but also the prevention we did, we have been fighting where it is necessary very hard and the result is that, despite some well-located outbreaks, we do not have the impact of last year”, he said.

The ruler added that this visit also served to prepare and elaborate the plans of the Ministry of Agriculture to be implemented according to the availability and potential of each municipality in the next five years.

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