Sports unified this Tuesday all the political parties with seat in the Parliament


Mindelo, June 28  (Inforpress) – MpD, PAICV and UCID voted Tuesday unanimously in Parliament the proposal law that approves the bases of policies of development of the physical activity and of the sport in Cabo Verde.

On the side of the MPD (ruling party), the MP José Soares indicated in his statement of vote that his party favors the bill because it falls under the Constitution of the Republic and has been socialized with sports agents.

In addition to introducing the concept of adapted sport and introducing sport into the prisons, José Soares pointed out, it strengthens the powers of the federations and lays the foundations for the fight against doping, but also constitutes a “just homage to the sports agents.”

João Santos Luís, from the UCID, said that the proposal “takes an approach to sport from primary school to universities”, considering that it comes “to put sport in a better way”, the MP appealed, however, that the law “do not just stand on paper”.

For his part, Américo Nascimento spoke on behalf of the PAICV, considering that sport is a factor of national unity and economic growth, besides working as an “ambassador” that takes away the name of Cabo Verde.





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