Social Democratic Party is against regionalization – political leader


Praia, Sep 27 (Inforpress) – The political coordinator of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), José Rui Além, said today that his party is “against regionalization” and  Cabo Verde does not have the conditions to do so.

“We are against regionalization because we defend the unitary state,” said the PSD leader.

According to him, the municipalities created lately did nothing to “prevent the exodus of the population from the countryside of the island of Santiago to Praia”.

In his view, regionalization is only a way for the ruling parties to “take charge and money to their militants”.

“We should not create regional Governments to feed a certain political clientele,” said José Rui Além, noting that the creation of new municipal councils “only contributed to the municipal leaders to build large mansions or buy luxury vehicles, as is the case of the mayor of S. Miguel”.

Asked about the possibility of holding a referendum to know if the people are interested in regionalization, he replied: “Before asking the people how they want the sliced ​​cake, it is a good idea to ask the people if they want the cake, regionalization. This they do not want to do. Unfortunately, there are still tics of dictatorship in our country. ”




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