Sintra: Lúdico das Lopas de Agualva hosts a photographic exhibition “Cretcheu Cabo Verde”

Praia, Apr 5 (Inforpress) – The photographic exhibition “Cretcheu Cabo Verde”, which portrays the experience from some islands of the archipelago, is on exhibition at the Recreational Center of Lopas de Agualva, Sintra, Portugal, until next Thursday 11th, on Monday.

According to a note published on the official website of the City Hall of Sintra, the photographic exhibition are a result of a collection from five islands in Cabo Verde, São Vicente, Santiago, Santo Antão, Boa Vista e Maio, between November 2016 and April 2018, by Solange Aquino and Marta Mendes.

The “Cretcheu Cabo Verde” exhibition (My beloved Cabo Verde), says the same source, brings the vision and emotion gathered in the various trips to this country and is a way to bring Cabo Verdeans and all those who identify with this culture a little bit of each island, every face, every experience and the best memories brought.

Trips to Cabo Verde were carried out under the “Mothers Without Borders” project, promoted by Casa Seis – Association for Community Development, supported by the City Council of Sintra and Cabo Verde Embassy in partnership with the São Pedro Claver Congregation, in Mindelo.



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