Seminar on maritime safety allows Cabo Verde to gain knowledge and eliminate barriers – President IMP

Mindelo, Sep 27 (Inforpress) – The chairman of the board of directors of the Maritime and Port Institute (IMP), Seidi Santos, considered that the international seminar on maritime safety held in Mindelo allows Cabo Verde to obtain knowledge and eliminate barriers.

According to the same source, who spoke to the press on the sidelines of the event, it is also of “great importance” for a peripheral activity to the Eastern Atlantic Hydrographic Commission (CHATO), which will also take place in Mindelo later this week.

Seidi Santos believes that the seminar brings opportunities for Cabo Verdean professionals to have contact with specialists from 21 countries, including Portugal, France, the United Kingdom and African countries such as Togo and Congo.

“These are renowned countries and that in the field of hydrography are highly developed and in these days we will talk about important aspects about maritime safety, which will allow us to have opportunities for learning and exchange of experience”, he stressed, highlighting the issue of professional enrichment of Cabo Verde agents.

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