São Vicente: There is a lack of policies consistent with the rhetoric about ocean preservation in Cabo Verde – president of Biosphere 1

Mindelo, Jun 8 (Inforpress) – The president of the Biosfera 1 association said today that in Cabo Verde there are beautiful speeches about the preservation of the oceans, but there are no coherent policies that follow the line of rhetoric for effective preservation.

Tommy Melo spoke to Inforpress about World Oceans Day, whose topic this year is “ Ocean Planet: The changing of the tides”.

For the president of the environmental protection association Biosfera 1, this lack of coherence is seen in several areas related to the ocean, such as fisheries, legislation, inspection, conservation, construction in the coastal area and transport, among others.

“It is a very beautiful rhetoric that our politicians are selling and they know how to say it by heart and sauté but, at the same time, we are not seeing the implementation of measures that are coherent with these rhetorics that they are using”, considered Tommy Melo, for whom, “this is a little strange because politicians and government officials already understand the size of our seas and keep saying that we are 99 percent (%) sea”.



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