São Vicente: Stop Operation lasting two and a half hours results in the arrest of 14 vehicles

Mindelo, Sep 15 (Inforpress) – The National Police (PN) Command in São Vicente carried out a stop operation on Thursday afternoon, which resulted in the seizure of 14 vehicles, including eight cars, two motorbikes and four mopeds.

According to the PN’s spokesman, chief of police station Elvis Leite, the operation, which involved a total of 43 officers spread over eight checkpoints, began at 16:30 and ended at 19:00, during which time 277 vehicles were checked.

The police also reported that they arrested four individuals in the act of driving without a license, and that the five alcohol tests carried out were negative.

According to Élvis Leite, the stop operation, which is part of the Summer in Safety programme, which ends on 30 September, aimed to intensify traffic control and regulation on the busiest roads, with special attention to the city centre.



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