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São Vicente: “Parceiros em missão” Association will work with adolescents in a drug prevention project

Mindelo, Jul 19  (Inforpress) – The “Parceiros em missão” Association from the Evangelical Community Church, in São Vicente, will work with adolescents in Fernando Pó, Horta Seca, Ribeira de  Craquinha, Passarão and Ribeira de Julião in a drug prevention project.

The initiative called “Projecto viver sabe”, which is held annually, should start in mid-September, after start of the new school year  2021/2022, focusing on adolescents identified by teachers and suffering with alcoholism and other drugs problems.

“They are invited to participate, for two months, in weekly meetings with conversation round table and work on a topic specifically about drugs. It is to raise awareness, sensitize and on these conversation sometimes you identify cases in the family through the adolescent who serves as a bridge for you to reach the family and try to raise awareness”, explained the pastor of the Evangelical Community Church, Davidson William, who is responsible for the project.

According to Davidson William, the  goal is to work with about 20 adolescents, because there are “serious problems” of alcohol and other drugs in these areas. The use of these substances is often encouraged by parents and guardians who, even though prohibited by law, still send children, buy grogue and other substances in stores.



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