São Vicente: MPs of PAICV says the island is still waiting for the promises to be realized


Mindelo, July 7 (Inforpress) – The spokesman of the members elected on the PAICV lists by the constituency of São Vicente, Manuel Inocêncio Sousa, said on Thursday that the island “is still standing” pending the promises and projects announced.

As it is the last visit of the MPs to the circle to precede the debate on the State of the Nation, this month, Inocêncio Sousa decided to propose to journalists, at a press conference, an analysis on the “state of the nation” of the São Vicente Island.

“Our balance sheet is not encouraging, because the island is still stopped both at an economic, social and administrative point of view,” said the MP, noting that the decentralized services continue to be “too dependent” on the center, Praia City , “as chiefs of service say.”

However, according to the same source, there is now a “much more serious” situation than usual on the island, which is the “complete shutdown” of the State computer network, which is “blocking administration” in São Vicente, with services “without communication with the center “and the São Vicente people with their life” in stand-by”.







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