Sao Vicente: MPD’s MP ensures that “no health center on the island will be closed” by 2020

Mindelo, April 7 (Inforpress) – The representative of the Movement for Democracy (MpD, ruling party), Joao Gomes, assured today that he is has “concrete information” that, by 2020 “no health center on the island will be closed”.

The parliamentarian, elected in the MpD lists by the constituency of Sao Vicente, accompanied by his colleague Celeste Fonseca, visited this morning the Ribeira de Craquinha Health Center, very fashionable lately following recommendations of an international study that points to its closure.

“We have a preliminary study that characterizes the current situation and concludes that the island’s health centers are not equipped to respond to the first needs of the population,” said the MP, arguing that on this basis the document makes recommendations, namely the reorganization of the centers to ensure “better quality” of service delivery in primary health.

“The decision to create or close a health center is political and the politician to decide needs elements, studies and technical data that will allow him to make his decision,” added Joao Gomes, reaffirming that “in this case, the information available to him is that “there is no political decision” to close health centers in Sao Vicente.



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