Sao Vicente: MpD says that TC’s ruling came to “solidify innocence” of Isaura Gomes as mayor


Mindelo, June (Inforpress) – The MpD said today in Mindelo that the Court of Auditors (TC) assessment of the City Hall of Sao Vicente management in 2007/2011 came to “solidify the innocence” of Isaura Gomes, who lead the City Hall at that time.

At a press conference by the former Speaker of the Sao Vicente Municipal Assembly, Joao Gomes, also current MP for the Movement for Democracy (MpD, ruling party) elected by Sao Vicente, “but confirmed by the MpD system,” explained that the Court of Auditors of March 9 came to “put down” the “denunciation, suspicions and accusations” that Isaura Gomes was charged and team by “then leader of PAICV Joao do Carmo.”

“Irrefutable evidence of damaging management, plus robbery and illegal sale of land and the accusation that the City Hall was lead by an association of malfeasers presented by Joao Carmo at the time,” accused Joao Gomes, received the “final blow” with the Court of Auditors decision.

The politician indicated that despite “perfectly remediable procedural failures” detected by the Court of Auditors, the fact is that “justice was done” once the TC judged the heads of the City, Mayor and councilmen, “even for Public Finance” by the City Hall financial management of Sao Vicente in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011.



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