São Vicente: Group of young Americans build rooms and paved field in Salamansa school

Mindelo, Aug 2 (Inforpress) – A group of young Americans, aged 14 to 19, from the Humanitarian Experiences organization HXP, are building two classrooms and a paved field for physical education at Salamansa elementary school.

Speaking to Inforpress, HXP’s local coordinator, Dirce Siqueira, explained that the work at the Salamansa school is part of a humanitarian mission the young people have been carrying out in São Vicente since June. The works, she added, “are budgeted at 3.6 million escudos, including labour” and count on the partnership of the City Hall of São Vicente that entered with funds for the “placement of doors and windows and connection of water and sewage”.

According to the same source, HXP is a non-profit organization based in Utah, United States of America, which sends young people to various countries to work on community construction projects. Young people do part-time work to raise money and pay all their travel expenses and even finance construction projects. They have been performing on the island of São Vicente since 2014, making social and community interventions.

“First, they built five houses for needy mothers and then built dormitories for young people in SOS Village, classrooms in the  elementary school (EBO) and also a kindergarten in Chã de Marinha,” said Dirce Siqueira.



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