São Vicente: Government confirms about 10 million escudos to rehabilitate the Matiota’s “small pool”

Mindelo, Apr 28 (Inforpress) – The Minister of the Sea, Abraão Vicente, on Wednesday assured the financial endorsement by the Government of about 10 million escudos for the rehabilitation project of Matiota’s “small pool” in São Vicente.

This information was provided to Inforpress by the president of the Civic Commission for the Valorization of Matiota (CCVM), António Pedro Silva, after an audience with Abraão Vicente to review the rehabilitation project of Matiota, also known as “Tanquim” (small pool) and to know the Government’s support in this regard.

According to the same source, at the meeting, the Minister informed that the recovery of that space will be made with a budget of 10 to 12 million escudos, through the rehabilitation project of the waterfront under the coordination of Enapor and the place for the reception of the “Ocean Race” regattas, previously planned for the Matiota area,  will be on pier 1 of the Porto Grande port of Mindelo.

“We were pleased and expressed interest in working together with Enapor on this project and a team from the ministry will contact us to the technicians and the Enapor administration to recover, as urgently as possible, Matiota’s ‘tanquim’,” said the same source.



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