São Vicente: CV Interilhas says 80% of customers are satisfied with Chiquinho BL

Mindelo, Sep 10 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde Interilhas, a maritime transport concession company in the country, said today in a statement that 80 percent (%) of passengers are satisfied with the service provided by the Chiquinho BL ship, on the São Vicente-Santo Antão route.

According to the note, this result came out of a satisfaction survey  CV Interilhas carried out last August, for users who usually travel on the São Vicente – Santo Antão route, “the highest traffic line in the country”. The survey, the company says, was carried out on 1.000 passengers.

“The company decided to evaluate, above all, the quality of transport on the Chiquinho BL ship, based on several factors such as hygiene conditions, comfort, service provided on board and the most essential of the moment, the preventive measures implemented against COVID-19 ”, the document reads, which also reveals that the carrying capacity and space for transporting vehicles were highlighted in the survey.

According to the company, this evaluation confirms the performance, capacity and operability of the Chiquinho BL ship.



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