São Vicente: CV Interilhas deplores “abnormal sequence” of breakdowns and raises the possibility of sabotage

Mindelo, May 24 (Inforpress) – The vice president of the ETE Group representing the shareholder in CV Interilhas today classified the recent “sequence of cases, incidents and malfunctions” on its ships as “abnormal” and does not rule out the “sabotage hypothesis”

“We have been registering an abnormal sequence of cases, incidents and breakdowns in the ships, which is already exceeding the limit of what is reasonable, and we are already suspicious and considering all scenarios, all hypotheses, including the hypothesis of sabotage,” Jorge Maurício said in an interview to Inforpress.

This is because, continued the same source, “it is not normal in a few days” for the CV Interilhas fleet, which comprises of four ships, to have a sequence of cases that “call into question” the service itself.

Maurício said that the company is “focused” on creating solutions, “which is a positive fact”, but that the situation puts the company in an uncomfortable situation, thinking, he said, that there are other causes that are not “just and only natural resources or equipment”.



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