São Vicente: Cruzeiros do Norte opens Carnival 2023 with “assault” in the streets of Mindelo

Mindelo, January 5, 2023 (Inforpress) – The group Cruzeiros do Norte performs, on Saturday, an assault on the streets of Mindelo, São Vicente, marking the opening of Carnival 2023 and the other groups continue with pre-warming activities for the 20-day parade of February.

For this carnival assault, the direction of the group, from the Cruz João Évora area, which was runner-up in 2020, calls revelers and friends to gather in front of Pelourinho da Ribeirinha.

This is an action that, according to the direction of Cruzeiros do Norte, intends to attract revelers, friends and supporters to join the official parade of the group that this year will present the theme “Três Cosa Sâb na Vida – Saúde, Amor e Dinheiro” , written by the carnival designer Fernando Morais (Noia). A Spanish song that he used to listen to on a neighbor’s doll inspired him.

According to the synopsis, the choice of this plot is because these three things together, health, love and money, are crucial elements for people’s happiness or unhappiness.



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