São Vicente: Clubs unite to enhance sport in Mindelo

Mindelo, Sep 14 (Inforpress) – The federated clubs of São Vicente decided to meet through a platform, which aims to enhance sport in the island and solve common problems they faced.

As the president of Grémio Desportivo Amarante, Carlos Nuno Leite, one of the promoters, and who shares the initiative with Mindelense, told Inforpress, the decision was taken after the clubs became aware that there was a forum for discussing common problems.

It was concluded, according to the same source, that it would be necessary to commit themselves to attach the “due importance” to the clubs in society.

“Because it’s not just playing football on weekends, but the values ​​ they introduce into society, such as training young people, discipline, rigor, deviation from less proper paths. Therefore, the clubs have an extraordinary importance, which to date neither they neither the structures recognized it”, considered Nuno Leite.

The solution found, he added, was the union through the “Platform for the Valorization of Clubs – São Vicente”, to be presented later today in Mindelo, which brings together the consensus of the 16 federated associations in the island.



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