São Vicente: City Council will carry out works to improve conditions for saleswomen in all markets – President

Mindelo, 08 Sep (Inforpress) – The Mayor of São Vicente, Augusto César Neves, said today that the council will carry out works to improve the conditions of saleswomen and traders in all markets on the island of São Vicente.

This guarantee by Augusto Neves follows complaints of a group of traders with shops in the Municipal Market who demanded interventions in the space to prevent damage to their products due to rainwater ingress.

“The council’s vision is that we are going to carry out works, and we are going to work to improve conditions for salespeople in all markets. We have been carrying out interventions at the Municipal Market for a few years now, the value of which was around 50,000 escudos and we are going to carry out gradual interventions, but the issue of rain, for us, is always a surprise and we are registering and overcoming this situation”, explained the mayor.

For the other part, the councillor for markets and fairs, Neusa Isabel Sança, defended the need for the vendors to “help preserve the market and fulfil the rental payments for the spaces because this money helps the council to maintain the market”.



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